smbpasswd executable missing

Derek J. Lambert dlambert at
Fri Jul 14 17:22:58 GMT 2000

do a

    rpm -q samba

and it will tell you the package name/version. You can probably then
download it off RedHat's ftp site. If you have the CD just reinstall the
package with a

    rpm -i --force samba.x.x.x-x.rpm (whatever the first rpm command
returned for the version)

from the RedHat/RPMS directory on the CD...

You could also just download the 2.0.7-4 packages and upgrade to the newest
version. Get em all and do a

    rpm -Uvh samba*rpm

in the directory where you put them.

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  Because I accidently overwrote my smbpasswd executable file in the
/usr/bin directory, I can't continue configuring my Samba server.

  I'm using Red Hat Linux 6.0

  -Could anyone tell me what I should do to get a new executable
  -Could anyone with the same version of Samba as used in Red Hat 6.0 send
me his smbpasswd executable file (and does the Samba version matter a lot?)

  I'd appreciate a lot!


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