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Luis Luna luis at
Thu Jul 13 21:08:52 GMT 2000

I have Samba up and running and sharing files, works great. But my problem
is sharing the printers, the box is RedHat 6.2, Samba is 2.0.7, the printers
are on HP Jetdirect Print Server cards. I can can print from the linux box
just fine to the printer(s). I can see the printer share from my NT box, can
map and connect just fine. But when I send a print job, the print file just
sit's in the spool directory on the linux box. I can issue a lpr command
from the console and send the file manually to the printer and it will print
fine. I tried searching the archives but I keep getting error messages from
the server about a page not found etc.. Any pointers?
My printer share from the samba conf file is
path = /samba/spool/hplaserplus/
create mask = 2777
guest ok = Yes
printable = Yes
printer = hplaserplus

in my gobal sections (pertaining to printing):
print command = lpr -P%p -r %s

Any ideas?
Luis Luna

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