Authenticate Windows 2000 with Samba

Lorenzo Luconi Trombacchi lorenzo at
Wed Jul 12 10:13:13 GMT 2000

Hi to all,

I have a samba 2.0.7 on Linux Redhat 6.2.
I'm using samba as user authentication server and file server.
Recently I  installed some Windows 2000 clients, but I found
some problem to authenticate the new client with samba.

After I have configured Windows 2000 to access my domain I received
a username/password request. I typed the right user and password
(of a domain account) but I received a message about problem to find
machine account on my domain and Windows 2000 requests to me
the machine name and domain name (to find the machine account).
After I have typed the machine and account name I recevived the last
error.... I have an Italian version of Windows 2000 and the error
is in Italian. I'm not sure to understand the Italian error
message(!!!), but anyway
the traslation is:
"The computer can't access to the domain due to this error: procedure
number out
of range".

I think I have made the right configuration on my linux samba server: I
have created
the machine account with "smbpasswd -m -a <machine name>"command and all
Windows 95/98
clients can access and authenticate without problems.

Are there samba compatibility problems to authenticate (user/machine
Windows 2000 clients? Or you have some suggestion for my samba

Thank you in advance.


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