Config Problem

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Jul 11 13:12:25 GMT 2000

[Jim Secan <jim at>]
> I brought in a new box that is almost identically configured to the
> old one (same IP address, name, and workgroup).  For reasons beyond
> myself and two cohorts, I cannot access anything on the unix box from
> the new NT box.  Only change made on the unix side was to the ethers
> file to map IP to cardID.

You need to make sure all users have local Unix accounts -- even if
you're authenticating with `security=server' or `security=domain'.  And
if you're using `security=user', obviously the users' passwords have to
be the same as on the old server (either in your getpwnam() source, if
`encryption=no', or your smbpasswd file, if `encryption=yes').

Also, if you are using `security = domain', you will need to make sure
that the files MACHINE.sid and {DOMAIN}.{MACHINE}.mac got copied to
your new server.  If you can't retrieve those files from your old
machine, you will need to re-join the NT domain.  (Not that that's a
big deal or anything.)


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