smbmount on NT machine times-out

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Jul 10 22:37:01 GMT 2000

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Dan Falconer wrote:

> 	I've got seven Linux boxes, and three NT boxes, all that have to
> be mounted via smbmount for a backup that we run through one of the
> Linux machines ("SPEEDY") via BRU.  While Speedy has no problem
> keeping the mounts for all the Linux machines, the mounts for NT
> machines will timeout after a short period.  I run a "df" and get an

I think that samba keeps the tcp connection open here and that the NT
drops it after a while (either way is fine).

> Input/Output error on all the NT machines.  I have to unmount and
> remount them several times, until the backup gets to that machine.  
> Does anybody know of any way to either tell the NT machines or the
> Linux machine that it's mounted on to keep the share open?  Thanks in
> advance.

You forgot one important detail, smbmount from which samba version?

You should be running 2.0.7, previous versions may have problems with
smbmount dying on a debug printout when reconnecting. You could try this
patch if you have servers that go down and clients that try to access the
downed server.
	(let me know if you use it and it works/doesn't work).

That NT even drops the connection may be a smbfs keepalive problem.


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