Samba Server Bug Report for Web Interface on Red Hat 6.2

Aaron Wood Aaron at SAFEHARBOR.COM
Mon Jul 10 17:36:19 GMT 2000

I was looking at the fix list of the past two releases and didn't notice
this bug among's kind of a nasty one....

I've submitted a report to RedHat regarding this issue and the report can be
found here....

In short, I was attempting to change my preferences for my Netscape Mail
client while the page was loading and the server hung...hard in a Windows NT
like fashion.  

What Netscape looks like it's doing when resolving the localhost address is
to go out on the internet to look for localhost and then other addresses.
If I didn't maneuver the menus the browser froze for a time and then freed
itself up again after a time.  If I did maneuver the menus, the browser
didn't free itself up.

It's probably not a samba design issue rather than a Netscape or a RedHat Os
issue but I though I'd report it anyways...

I'm in the process of upgrading the RedHat components that are associated
with this bug and see if that fixes or resolves the issue. 

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to ask!


Aaron Wood
Systems Engineer
Satsop Development Park
P.O. Box 37
Satsop, WA 98583-0037
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