strange phenomenon Word and Excel

robert.gehr at robert.gehr at
Mon Jul 10 10:33:29 GMT 2000

Hi there,

Just installed Samba 2.0.7 and it works without a hitch. Almost!!!!!!!!!!!!
The weird thing is that when I  click on a MS Excel or Word file in the NT
explorer the application starts and opens the file located on the Samba
box. The thing is it takes about 20 secs or more  for even a very small
file (50K) before it is opened. If I close the file once it was opened and
click on another file on the Samba server which is a couple of megabytes
big it goes real fast. If for example I close Word or Excel an don't use it
for a while, lets say an hour or so and open a Word or Excel file again the
slow behaviour repeats itself.
If I just copy big files 50M or more from the Samba drive ot my local drive
it is very fast, also if I use different applicaions like WinZip or AutoCad
to access files on the Samba drive the behaviour is normal and now slowdown
appears, not even in the first instance.

The network is fully switched providing every Client a dedicated 100Mb/s
The server is some Compaq proliant with 600Mhz and 256MB Ram, the kernel is
a 2.2.16 and the underlying filesystem is the latest Reiser version.
For any suggestions and especially help I would be very thankfull.

Best regards


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