Samba Install

Ben Meyer Ben_Meyer at
Thu Jul 6 13:36:13 GMT 2000

I am looking at installing Samba for use on a production server. I already
have it installed on two systems (version 2.0.6), but do not have installed
to the point of getting the best performance out of it with what is
available. So my question is, what should I (or should I not) install? What
version of Samba that is out is the best? I am aware of Samba 2.0.7 is at
least decent, is it the latest stable? I am looking to do an install to take
advantage of the capabilities of Samba and am running on a network with
WinNT4,Win'9x, and a Win2k test system. I have not had any problems with
2.0.6 except with the Win2k system, but from what has been discussed on the
Samba lists it seems most of these problems will be aleviated by 2.0.7.
Thank you.

Ben M.

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