Mac, DAVE and smbfs (Re: Problem with mounting smb share)

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Jul 6 11:12:02 GMT 2000

(changed subject to hopefully attract the right readers :)

On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Paul Smyth wrote:

> Using Mac G4's running Dave 2.5.1 with a Linux box running Red Hat 6.1 and
> Samba 2.0.7. Note this problem also occured with Samba 2.0.3. Using

It is not the samba version that is the problem.

> I can use smbclient to access the share and get a directory listing which is
> correct. Also I can mount the share from another G4 and again everything is

It's almost certainly a smbfs problem (well, it could be smbmount that
doesn't set the right flag or something).

> correct. Is this a bug in Samba? I have seen mention that one needs smbfs
> compiled into the kernel. How can I check if this is the case? How can can I
> compile this into my kernal if it's not already there?

You have smbfs compiled (probably not in the kernel but as a module that
can be loaded and unloaded as needed) or else you wouldn't be able to
mount it.

What kernel version are you running? The default that came with RH6.1?
If you upgrade it to 2.2.16 does it stop even mounting the share?
(I think there are pre-compiled RedHat rpm's for 2.2.16 so it should be
easy to test)

Could you rebuild your kernel (or just the smbfs module) and add a line
to the Makefile in fs/smbfs in your kernel source tree?
(add it before the "include" line)

Then compile and install a new kernel (there is a howto on compiling your
own kernels on, or your local LDP mirror).

This should produce a lot of debug output when you try to use smbfs. You
may want to setup syslog to send kernel messages to a separate file, if
you don't already have that, something like this in /etc/syslog.conf
should be fine:

kern.*                          /var/log/kernel

If you don't get a lot of messages saying "smb_something", then the
compile/install step failed somehow.

You don't need to run a long test, just mount it do an ls and some other
simple commands and then unmount it. If you run many tests it would be
nice to unmount and mount between each so that it is easier to see in the
logfile where you have done different things.

I would like the logfile produced and a list of the commands and their

I don't have access to any Mac's (or ones running Dave) so I need some
debug info to know where to start looking. That it works with smbclient is
nice, it should be possible to "steal" a fix from there. :)

Logfiles from doing the above would be a good start so if you or others
with smbfs<->Dave problems could send me such a log it would be nice
(fix-it patches from someone would also be nice :)

Oh, and does smbclient in 2.0.3 work? 2.0.2? 2.0.1? 2.0.0? ...
If you could find one where it breaks (if there is one) it would be
possible to look at the diff and cvs log and start guessing at things that
need changing.


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