Problem with mounting smb share

Paul Smyth smythp at
Thu Jul 6 09:52:15 GMT 2000

Using Mac G4's running Dave 2.5.1 with a Linux box running Red Hat 6.1 and
Samba 2.0.7. Note this problem also occured with Samba 2.0.3. Using

mount -t smbfs -o password=pw //DEV00/Apps /mnt/test

appears to work and mount returns

//DEV00/Apps on /mnt/test/ type smbfs (0)

when I 

cd /mnt/test and do ls -l say or dir all I get is

total 0

I can use smbclient to access the share and get a directory listing which is
correct. Also I can mount the share from another G4 and again everything is
correct. Is this a bug in Samba? I have seen mention that one needs smbfs
compiled into the kernel. How can I check if this is the case? How can can I
compile this into my kernal if it's not already there?

Thanks for any help!

Paul Smyth

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