samba 2.0.7: option mangled names = no will chrash nt client !

Andrew Langton andrewl at
Wed Jul 5 20:36:46 GMT 2000

We used to use a product called TAS on our Solaris box - it was basically
Samba and Netatalk combined in one package.  Beast of a thing - steer clear
if you can is my recommendation.  Anyway, we got rid of all the Macs, so we
replaced it with Samba.  The files would list on UNIX as :2f instead of /,
but on a Mac they'd come through as a /.  There were plenty of other
characters the PC didn't like too - : \, etc.

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  [Klaus Troeger <klaus.troeger at>]
> > <!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">

*Please* don't do that, lest I reply in nroff. (:

> > our customers have directory names with several : in the names
> > (created on unix).
> > If i switch off mangling on the samba server, i could see the
> > directory correctly, could go into it, could also see the file (even
> > with :) and after 5 seconds the nt client crashes with blue screen.
> > Test on on nt with service pack 3 and on one with service pack 5

Sorry, but I happen to find that really funny.

Here's a good summary of that class of bug.  Luke Leighton wrote this
on samba-ntdom a couple months ago:

|   *sigh*.  no, it's a client-side bug.  no client-side bugs have been
|   fixed in nt4.
|   it's not considered worthwhile, by microsoft.
|   after all, what would you be doing putting third party servers on
|   your network?

[Andrew Langton <andrewl at>]
> We have had a similar problem - in our case it was files with / in
> the file name - they were created by Macs before we migrated to PCs.
> The NT systems didn't crash, but they couldn't open the files at all.

Whoa there.  How on earth did you get those files onto the Unix system
in the first place?  '/' is one of the two illegal characters in Unix
filenames (the other being '\0').


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