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Jim Secan jim at
Wed Jul 5 22:57:11 GMT 2000

I am running samba (4.0.4b) on a Sun/Solaris (7) box that provides file and 
printer services to a single Win/NT (4.0 SP5) box.  That box just died, and 
I brought in a new box that is almost identically configured to the old one 
(same IP address, name, and workgroup).  For reasons beyond myself and two 
cohorts, I cannot access anything on the unix box from the new NT 
box.  Only change made on the unix side was to the ethers file to map IP to 

Best example of what happens is:

1.  Go into explorer and click on the unix server name under NetHood
2.  Dialog box comes up complaining about name and/or password and asks for 
3.  Both are entered (using same name/password used with old box).
4.  Error box comes up with
     \\SERVER is not accessible
     The account is not authorized to login from this station

I ran a snoop on the server during one attempt, and it looks like the NT 
box terminates the interaction at the point where it should be sending the 
name and password back to the unix box (we compared with a snoop running on 
a healthy network).

If I try to use smbclient from the unix end (smbclient -L ntname) I get a 
"session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess" denial.

I'm sure this is something simple and stupid, but I've already lost a day 
to it.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  (Yes, I've waded through the 
DIAGNOSTICS.txt suggestions - no help there.)  Both NT and unix boxes have 
gone through several ground-up reboots, so there are no hanging zombies 
anywhere.  Again, this was working fine on another machine that (I think) 
had at least the TCP/IP stuff configured identically to the new one.

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