setting invalid

John W. Lemons III jlemons at
Wed Jul 5 19:32:39 GMT 2000

>You shouldn't have to umount/mount manually. When you mount with 'mount -t
>smbfs ...' a process named mount.smbfs (possibly smbmount) should hang
>around as a daemon (check this). The idea is that it should remount this
>for you.

Yes, I have the mount.smbfs daemons running.  Look like 5 of them running,
and 5 remote mounts.

>So, do you get the "bad message": smb_retry: signal failed, error=-3
>or the "good message": smb_retry: new pid=1701, generation=2?

Sometimes.  :/

>If you get the bad message then mount.smbfs is probably gone (check this)
>and it needs to be fixed (try 2.0.7, then try the patch I linked to).

I'll upgrade to 2.0.7 (I'm on 2.0.6) and apply the patch.  Someone else
recommended this with regard to another (related) problem I was having a few
weeks ago, but I just haven't gotten to it.  Gotta find the time.  :/

>> I asked because I assumed that this question had been answered multiple
>> times.  :)
>About a dozen now I think ... :)

:)  Thanks for the help.

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