setting invalid

John W. Lemons III jlemons at
Wed Jul 5 19:03:34 GMT 2000

>Nothing, except some missing details in this report I think (I assume you
>get a smb_retry message too, if you don't then something is wrong).

Yes, that's the case.  They do come in pairs.

>smb_trans2_request: result=-5, setting invalid
>smb_retry: new pid=1701, generation=2
>The above is simply smbfs/smbmount renewing a connection that has been
>terminated for some reason (new pid & generation is a success message,
>"smb_retry: signal failed, error=-3" would be an error).

>It's a bit too verbose perhaps, but it's also a common place for failures.

umount/mount (with the details in fstab) works fine for me.  I'm just a
little annoyed the mounts seem to fail at random.  :)

>> Also, any news on when the search stuff will be back up?
>No idea, but we all miss it.

I asked because I assumed that this question had been answered multiple
times.  :)


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