SAMBA eats up all memory...

Sumitro Chowdhury smc_adsm at
Wed Jul 5 20:37:48 GMT 2000

I am running SAMBA on AIX

I have a 1 Tera Byte filesystem on AIX made available to NT and MAC.
There is heavy IO activity on this filesystem and all of a sudden the NT's 
and MAC's can't read or write any file on this shared filesystem.

Also AIX is running out of memory whenever this happens and files cannot be 
copied onto the said filesystem even at unix level.

The only remedy is to kill the smbd processes, unmount filesystem and
remount the filesystem. Invariably, the filesystem is getting corrupted and 
we need to run fsck on it before it can be remounted.

Please note that there is 8 GB of RAM in AIX.
And there is absolutely no paging going on.

We think samba is not freeing up memory that it uses up for reading files.

Please provide a fix for this.

Sumitro Chowdhury
Anderson Merchandisers
ph: 1-806-376-6251 ext 4864

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