Sean Bushby seanbushby at flexiclub.co.za
Wed Jul 5 18:03:44 GMT 2000

Hi all

I'm new to the list, so I hope this si the right one to post too.

I've setup a linux box with Samba and as a DHCP server.

Now I find that Samba is very slow for access, is this normal or should it be relatively instant.
Regards access I battle to get into the share full stop.  I can see my share, the shared disk but when I try and access any of them it says it's unaccesible.

The server does appear ont he network and it also serving as a WINS server, anyone got any ideas how to tweak or perhaps it's a config issue.

Kind Regards

Sean Bushby
Network Administrator
Club Leisure Group South Africa
082 652 6218

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