Multiple workgroups

Craig Armour c.armour at
Mon Jul 3 05:15:31 GMT 2000

> nmbd could possibly be enhanced to accept "alias/wkgroup" pairs, which
> in my opinion would be the clean syntax, but I don't think it's been
> done yet.
> Peter

at the moment... global_myworkgroup seems to be propogated through out the nmbd
code.  I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be so complex as to announce
alias:workgroup pairs by iterating over the workgroup like it is done now with
the aliases.

what happens when you query nmb with an alias I'm not sure though... nmbd would
have to check what workgroup that alias is in before giving a reply yes? other
wise the WORKGROUP <0x0> etc would be out of wack.

just for interests sake... we are running with multiple daemons however, it'd be
nice to be able to have one daemon do all type arangement.

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