Using a Zip drive with Samaba

Dave Reed dreed at
Sun Jul 2 21:59:04 GMT 2000

> From: "Robert Dahlem" <Robert.Dahlem at>
> Matt,
> On Mon, 3 Jul 2000 04:10:18 +1000, Matt G. Ellis wrote:
> >Has anyone been able to get a zip drive working with samba?  I want to 
> >set up a systsem where the drive gets mounted, in a letter like F: and 
> >students can pop in and out zip disks without having to deal with any 
> >unix interfaces.
> Just do it like you would do it with a CD:
> 	root preexec = mount /mnt/zip
> 	root postexec = umount /mnt/zip
> Regards,
>         Robert

When exactly does the postexec get executed?  If a Win user
double-clicks on the corresponding share under network neighborhood,
it mounts fine, but when they close the window for the share, the
postexec doesn't execute.  If you use the "log-off" feature, then it
disconnects or if you "map a network drive" and then disconnect it,
the postexec executes.

Is there a way to get the postexec to execute when they close the
window that is for the share or another manner without having the user
"log off"?  Otherwise, the user can't take the zip drive out like they
probably expect if they are a Windows user.


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