Local Administrator Group Error

Stein E. Strandmoe stein at zeevlam.cistron.nl
Sun Jul 2 23:38:10 GMT 2000

box1 runs Linux RH6.1/Samba 2.0.5a
box2 runs Win95

I am trying to do a network (setup /A) installation of MSOffice2000 by
using box2, onto a share offered by box1.  Intention is that the
installation on box1 is available as an application to all connected Win

MSO2k CD#1 & 2 goes OK.  But, when trying to install "server tools" I

"You are not a member of the local administrator group..."

Adding 'admin users = username' to smb.conf does not help.  So;

1. Is what I want to do impossible?
2. Do the client (box2) need to be NT to install s/w accross network?
3. Do I need to switch to samba-TNG?
Stein E. Strandmoe
stein at zeevlam.cistron.nl

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