Urban Widmark urban at
Sat Jul 1 15:50:59 GMT 2000

On Sun, 2 Jul 2000, Chico wrote:

> i have a NT SERVER 4.0 sp6a share w/ full rights to *everyone*. i have
Interesting security concept ... ;)

> smb_trans2_request: result=-32, setting invalid
> smb_retry: new pid=8003, generation=2
> it keeps working though.. is this some type of debug info or something?


When the kernel part, smbfs, detects certain errors (like the connection
being down) it sends a signal to wake the userspace daemon, smbmount, that
tries to open the connection again. This is a harmless debug message from

> anybody know the entry in smb.conf to get rid of it?

There isn't one. At the end of linux/fs/smbfs/sock.c (in the linux kernel
tree) there is one printk, and you can find the other in proc.c.

You can undef the SMBFS_PARANOIA setting or simply comment them out if
they are very annoying to you. The reason for not removing them is simply
that the interaction smbfs<->smbmount have had a lot of "issues" (not
working) and it's nice to have a default setting that is a bit verbose


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