unix -> nt passwd sync

Sebastien Boving Sebastien.Boving at esat.kuleuven.ac.be
Sun Jan 30 18:00:28 GMT 2000


We run a site of about 500 workstations (windows and many flavors of
unix). We use Samba to let windows people access their unix homedirs and
the network printers. The windows clients make use of a NT DC for
authentication. The unix clients all use NIS. 

I wish to find a solution to synchronise both, and to use encrypted 
passwords for our samba servers.

Following program to change a users password would do it:

(- in unix: ask the user to change his password)
(- change the NIS unix password)
(- also nt hash the cleartext password (with smbpasswd))
- send this nt hash of the password to a NT DC (with authentication).
- make the registry changes in the DC.

(The first 3 steps are optional, i could easily implement them myself)

I would configure the Samba servers to use the NT DC for authentication,
and forbid users to change their passwords under NT.

Since this is an old issue, i was wondering if someone already
implemented a script/program which would do this (or has any remarks
about this way of achieving passwd synchronisation). I read about the
pwdump program. What i would like to achieve is just the opposite.

thanks in advance,
Sebastien Boving.

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