Microsoft Mail

Peter Koenig Peter.Koenig at
Sun Jan 30 14:02:48 GMT 2000

David Hamilton <dhamilto at>:

> Has anyone managed to get a working emulation of Microsoft Mail
> on Samba?  A number of administrators still use schedule+ via
> Mail to keep room and individual schedules.  I'm trying to retire an
> machine and its last function is the Microsoft Mail.  Any input would
> greatly appreciated.

If you're talking about a Workgroup Postoffice (Mailexchange via a
shared folder 'WGPO' or 'AGPO') using the Mail for Workgroups client or
the Windows Messaging client and Schedule, included in Wfw 3.11/Windows
95 etc. - yes we've managed to use samba as a server.

"Microsoft Mail for PC Networks" (sold as a separate product) can be run
using an NFS-Server according to MS-KB. So a samba server should work as


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