CR/LF proposal

Rostedt, Steven steven.rostedt at
Fri Jan 28 16:16:37 GMT 2000

Hi, I'm new on this list, and just skimmed through the archives,
so I appologize if this has been requested before.

I read in the FAQ that you do not convert.
LF to CR/LF because there is no sure way
of knowing what type of file something is. I could
see that this would cause problems if you converted
a binary file or some other data file.

But what if you assign a directory that would
always be converted.  Have some option on smb.conf
like:   crlf directory = dir. Wher the dir is 
within a share or maybe as a share option itself
to make all files perform the conversion.
This way, it is up to the implementor to decide
what files are converted and what are not, and 
the samba team is not responsible.  If the implementor
placed a file that should not be converted in the specified
share, then it is the implementor's fault and not Samba's.

Reason for this request:
I am developing Tcl code on a Linux box
that is shared (using Samba, of course) to Windows
machines with an application that translates the Tcl
code.  But I find that the translator gets confused 
some times when the Tcl code does not have
a carriage return. So I first started converting all
end of lines to contain them. But,  now, I'm at
a point where I'm using RCS to control the files, and
everytime a check out a file, it leaves off the carriage
return on the RCS headings.  This is easily fixed with
a little manual effort every time, but as Larry Wall put it,
good programs are a result of lazy programmers.

I would implement this myself, but a) I don't know the
Samba code very well, so it would take a lot of time
 and b) I don't want to do it if it doesn't get in the main
Samba tree.


Steven Rostedt

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