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Actually Samba does deal with encrypted passwords.  I don't know what version it first appeared in but I am running 2.0.6 on a Samba server that is a member of an NT domain, and uses the NT PDC for password validation.  
To enable encryption and domain validation you need the following in the [Global] section of your smb.conf file:
     security = DOMAIN
     encrypt passwords = Yes
     password server = <domain PDC server name>
users may need unix logins and passwords in some situations.  If you find you need that setup, be sure you have UNIX logins and passwords that match NT logins and passwords ( at least that is what works for me).  If you are using long NT logins, check out the 'username map' feature that allows you to map domain names to UNIX user names.  If you do use this feature, be careful of name case.  The Win world sometimes uses all upper case user names.
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