smbmount 2.06 problem with uppercase conversion.

awesome-dave1 at awesome-dave1 at
Fri Jan 28 06:41:22 GMT 2000

	I'm using samba 2.06 and smbmount 2.06, though this problem was
consistent on my 2.05 installation of samba on my slackware 7.0 machine.
I've got a slackware cd-rom, which I've loaded in to a 98 machine and
shared it as cdrom. I've then gone to my linux system, which does not
have a rom and done:
smbmount //host/cdrom /cdrom
	which after a minute of spin up time finds and mounts the rom. However,
all the files, particularly the package files are in uppercase, and since
they are, slackware refuses to recognize them as valid packages. I've got
the short preserve case and preserve case options both set to no in my
smb.conf file. Now here's the interesting part, if I share a directory on
my linux machine, called pub, then using copy and paste from 98 cdrom to
network neighborhood to the pub share the files transfer fine, the
problem is I don't have the space to transfer all of them and do the
install. Help appreciated.

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