hosts allow syntax

Brian J. buzzringer at
Thu Jan 27 21:42:42 GMT 2000

In the smb.conf man page it is stated that the
hosts_access rules apply and to read hosts_access man
page for more detail.  in the hosts_access man page it
states "A  string  that  begins  with  a  `/´ 
character is treated as a file name. A host name or 
address is matched if it matches any host name or
address pattern listed in the named file."  Does
anyone know if this syntax works in smb.conf for
samba2.0.6?  This is what I was using with 2.0.5 and I
thought that it was working correctly.  however,
recently I noticed from my logs that someone connected
to a printer share (apparentely successfully) who
should not have been allow access. I am pretty sure my
net/mask pairs are correct as I use the same ones in tcp_wrappers.
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