Mounting Win98 drives on Linux

Matthew Smith 7mmss at
Thu Jan 27 20:30:36 GMT 2000

I have a situation where it is necessary to mount drives on Win98 machines
on a
central Linux server (Redhat 6.0 running Samba 2.0.3-8)

I had been mounting them using a command like this

smbmount \\\\Beast\\public MONDAY -I -c 'mount /mnt/smb/public'

Thus the machine with ip (Beast) has a share called 'public'
that I want
to mount on the Linux system at point  /mnt/smb/public    The password is

The problem is that once I upgraded to Samba 2.0.6 I found that this
mounting syntax
no longer worked. Could somebody show me the new one?

Matt Smith

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