LDAP docs?

Jim Morris Jim at Morris.net
Thu Jan 27 19:09:25 GMT 2000

Paul Lussier wrote:
> Can someone please point me to where I would find info on the experimental 
> LDAP support for Samba?
> I've looked through everything I could find on the web and in the 2 more 
> recent books, but could only find passing mention that it's being worked on.
> Is it still so experimental that no one's documented anything about it yet?

That's a good way of putting it!  I've been trying off and on for the
past 2 months to just get a working copy of Samba with LDAP support
compiled in.  Even having used both Linux and Samba since 1993, I am
having trouble doing it.

The problem is that the released code (2.0.6) has the LDAP support
turned off (it's broken), and you can't even compile it in.  It was
working in the "HEAD" development tree for a while, apparently, but has
been broken in there since late last year.  And building a working copy
of SAMBA_TNG (the next major release of Samba) is non-trivial. It
appears to have working LDAP support, but Samba TNG is not for use in a
production environment - its missing the last 18 months of bug fixes and
enhancements that are in the current releases, for a starter...

Look for some documentation on LDAP and Samba sometime soon... but a
real usable version of Samba with LDAP support probably will not be
around until Samba 3.0 is released...

Jim Morris (Jim at Morris.net)

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