Bug - Disk Usage wrong

Mike Black mblack at csihq.com
Thu Jan 27 16:45:54 GMT 2000

My 17g and 8G partitions were not displaying the full size.  So, I took a
look at smbd/dfree.c and found a change which fixed it (this is for Linux
and whomever else uses this section of code):

#if !defined(STAT_STATFS2_FS_DATA)
        /* !Ultrix */
        (*dsize) = CONVERT_BLOCKS (fsd.f_blocks*(fsd.f_bsize/1024));
        (*dfree) = CONVERT_BLOCKS (fsd.f_bavail*(fsd.f_bsize/1024));
#endif /* not STAT_STATFS2_FS_DATA */

Turns out that the 4K blocksize wasn't being recognized.  Everything
displays just fine now for NT boxes and the 95 boxes still show 2G (but
correct free space -- defaulting to 2G also when greater).

I don't know if this happens to everybody or if this is the correct fix, but
it works for me.  This was on both 2.0.6 and a recent version of the CVS

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