Lars Kneschke lk at NetUSE.DE
Thu Jan 27 15:45:11 GMT 2000

"Avedissian, Ara" wrote:
> Good morning, I'm fairly new to samba and I installed Samba on my Unix box
> and it works fine. I'm starting to setup users on the I'm having
> trouble setting it up. Can you give me some Information on what steps I need
> to follow to get the users setup with passwords?
Don't know what ypu mean exactly with "'m starting to setup users
on the".
But you need unix accounts for every user. And if you use
encrypted passwords (encrypt passwords = yes in your smb.conf)
you must the users also the smbpasswd-file. You can do this with
the "smbpasswd" programm.(smbpasswd -a username)

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