Name Resolve Order?

Piers Scannell piers.scannell at
Thu Jan 27 09:14:11 GMT 2000

I think there's still a question mark over the following:

1) BROWSING.txt states that if samba (nmbd) is acting as a WINS server,
internal lookups into that database are used for name resolution.

2) If wins support = yes (i.e. the above is true) then "wins server" mustn't
be set.

3) The documentation for "name resolve order" states: 
"If no WINS server has been specified this method [wins] will be ignored."

So what controls the order of lookups if samba is acting as a WINS server???

Piers Scannell
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> Subject: RE: Name Resolve Order?
> > I am a little confused.  In the smb.conf man page under the 
> "name resolve
> > order" section, it states that setting "name resolve order 
> = wins" will be
> > ignored if the "wins server" parameter is not set.  
> Elsewhere in the man
> > page it states that if you set "wins support = yes" then you
> > cannot set the
> > wins server parameter.  Does this mean that a machine that 
> is acting as a
> > wins server cannot use wins in the name resolve order?  I am
> > asking because
> > I am using Win98 clients and one RedHat 6.1 Server and I do not
> > want to have
> > to manually maintain the lmhosts file, and the man page states
> > that bcast is
> > not very reliable.  Is there some other method I am overlooking,
> > or a way to
> > get wins to work?
> Ok, I think the thing you seem to be confused about is the 
> the parameter
> 'wins server' this parameter sets the address of a WINS 
> server to poll. So
> if you set up the server you are working on to be a WINS 
> server (by enabling
> 'wins support') you should not poll another WINS server 
> (which excludes the
> use of the 'wins server' parameter and the value wins in the 
> 'name resolve
> order' parameter).
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