Many Unix accounts to one samba account

Daniel Nilsson dai at
Thu Jan 27 07:24:57 GMT 2000

Hi Folks.
I have set up a samba server on a machine running Linux 6.1 and it works 
perfectly. But i have a problem : 
Approx. 200 teachers are going to register the students absence,
and I don't want them to have one password each. ( You know teachers and passwords )..   :-) 
I thought I could change the Samba password once per month and deliver it to the teachers by e-mail.
But I dont want them all to log in using the same username either, so my question is:
How can i have 200 different Unix accounts and allow them all to mount a volume 
with one Samba password ?

//Daniel Nilsson
Gislaveds Gymnasium

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