Poblems writing to home directory

Frank Gilmurray frank at erg.sri.com
Thu Jan 27 00:41:32 GMT 2000

We run 2 samba servers; 1 running samba 1.9.18p10 (w/ Solaris 2.5) and
the other running samba 2.0.6 (w/ Solaris 2.6).  One of our users is
running Delorme StreetAtlas 6.0.  While he has no problems writing to
his home directory using samba 1, he gets the following error writing to
the same home directory using samba 2:

   A sharing violation occurred while accessing H:\test.SA6

I have verified this on my own system and we are both running NT4.0 with
SP 5.  I can save the file locally and then copy it to H: without any
problems.  This user also has the same problems with SigmaPlot 5; works
to samba 1 and fails to samba 2 (although the error is "Failed to save
document").  Everything else (like the MS Office pgms) works fine.

I'd like to move to samba 2 exclusively but this problem is forcing us
to keep samba 1.
Has anyone experienced this problem?  Can anyone suggest a fix or
somewhere to look?  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Frank

Frank Gilmurray                 Sr Systems Administrator
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Menlo Park, CA 94025            email: frank at erg.sri.com

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