network neighborhood not working...

Philip Lewis pel at
Wed Jan 26 21:52:23 GMT 2000

Our subnet:128.2.224.*
samba machine (tmc1) AIX 4.2 using precompiled binaries
NT Server (tmc6)
nt 4.0 workstation (tmc37)
smbd/nmbd version 2.0.5a
workgroup = TMC
guest ok = yes
hosts allow = 128.2.224.
dns proxy = no
#interfaces = 128.2
security = SERVER
password server =
 comment = temporary files 
 browseable = yes
 path = /tmp
 read only = yes
comments on diagnostic walkthrough
#1 - #4 ok
#5 returns nothing or rather:name_query failed to find name *
#6 returns (the samba client)
   tmc1> nmblookup -d 2 '*'
   Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
   Sending queries to
   Got a positive name query response from ( ) *<00>
#7 ok and i can mount shares on tmc6 from tmc1
#8 works for full name ( but not tmc1
   it fails with system error 53: network path was not found
	i've tried adding tmc1 to my (tmc37) lmhosts file, no luck. 
	we are not allowed to run our own wins here. 
#9-10 again, works with full name (
    also "map network drive" works if i put in the full name it then
shows tmp being available

any ideas why i cannot "browse" tmc1 from network neighborhood?

cc's appreciated.

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