NT4 RPC error browsing [homes]

Alex ZIJDENBOS alex at bic.mni.mcgill.ca
Wed Jan 26 13:51:31 GMT 2000

I brought this up some time ago at comp.protcols.smb, which showed
that others have run into the same problem, but so far I haven't found
a solution anywhere. The problem is that since Y2K, I haven't been
able to browse the auto homes share [homes] with Win NT4 (details

Does anybody have any idea what the cause of this problem is, and
better yet, how to fix it?


-- Alex

* The Windows NT Explorer produces an error:

  \\<host> is not accessible. A remote procedure call (RPC) protocol
  error ocurred.

  when trying to access the samba server as a user which exists on the
  samba server. As Administrator or any other user which does not
  exist on the samba side, all works fine.

* all shares can be accessed OK when using a DOS prompt

* NT has no problem browsing other (win98) hosts

* the problem goes away when I remove "browseable = no" from the
  [homes] share (or when removing the [homes] share altogether)

* according to another user, the problem goes away when setting
  the date of the samba server back to 1999.

* All worked fine pre-Y2K; I made no changes whatsoever to my hardware
  or configuration in the mean time.

* PII 350, 256MB, Mandrake 6.1, kernel 2.2.13
* Samba 2.0.6, from samba*-2.0.6-1mdk rpms
* NT4 Workstation SP6a running through VMware (2.0beta), bridged networking

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