Browsing a workgroup in another subnet

Dave Brodin brodind at
Wed Jan 26 13:26:02 GMT 2000

I'm trying to determine if the global configuration options for remote
announce and remote browse sync work for browsing a different workgroup
in a different subnet.  In the books I have, it just talks about using
these options to span the same workgroup across two subnets.

In our situation, for example, I have two different workgroups (WG1 - and WG2 -  Each of these workgroups has their
own server which is also the local master browser (SRV1 for WG1 and SRV2
for WG2).  These are also the domain masters for their workgroups.

My questions are, if anyone can help:

1. Should these both be WINS servers or should one workgroup use the
other as the WINS server?  (i.e. Should each site have a WINS server or
each subnet?)

2. Is it possible to configure samba so a computer in WG1 can see which
servers are in WG2?

Right now, I am using remote announce and remote browse sync as follows
for WG1:

remote browse sync =
remote announce =

But when I do nmblookup on the workgroup in the other subnet, it can
never find it because it is not in its WINS information.  And I'm not
sure if you can synchronize browse lists between two domain masters.

However, when I am in the Network Neighborhood, I can see all the
workgroups.  When I click on a workgroup that is in another subnet, it
tells me the computer or sharename could not be found.

If anyone has some experience with this, please let me know.  Thanks.

Dave Brodin
Lead Systems Engineer
City of Bloomington
brodind at

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