samba will disappear from the win2000's network places

Vincent Kuo vincentemail at
Tue Jan 25 07:10:22 GMT 2000

Dear all:
    I've found one strange things.
    I am using Red Hat Linux 5.2 and Samba 2.0.6. (I rebuild the RPM in
RH 5.2) The samba is treated as a Server. Every windows 95/98/NT could
access the samba server without problem.
    In windows 2000 RC2 (treated as client), it could access the samba
server. But if I enable the "IP Security Policies on Local Machine".
(You can enable it in "Control Panel" --> "Local Security Policy" -->
"IP Security Policies on Local Machine" --> "Client (Respond Only)"
Communicate normally (unsecured). Use the default respone rule to
negotiate with servers.) It will not be able to see the samba server in
the network places (neighborhood). Even I use search "SAMBASERVER".
    As I know, the IP security feature is for "Virtual Private Network"
and it will encrypt the IP packet. But at the same time, the windows
2000 still can see other windows 98/95 in the LAN. (except the Samba
    Although I could disable the Ip security feature in the windows
2000. But I am wondering why it could see the windows 98/95, but could
see any samba servers.
    Did anyone know any information about this problem?

Vincent Kuo

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