SAMBA digest 2385 / setting samba when you are a dhcp client

Vincent Kuo vincentemail at
Tue Jan 25 06:06:29 GMT 2000

Evan Panagiotopoulos wrote:

>Last year I used samba as my Linux file server and my students and I
very happy with it. Now >"they" have connected the lab to the district's

WAN and they haven't provided us with a file server. I >install Red
>Hat Linux 5.2 with dual boot on a computer just to see if it can be
and I don't have a lot of success >with it.
>When Linux boots up and it starts the smb and nmb processes it waits
for a very long time. I read >the address it is given and I can ping it
from a computer but the  same computer when I click on Network
>Neighborhood I get an error message that a network doesn't exist, or
something close to that.
>Do you have any suggestions?

    I ever met something similar. My suggestion is to update the file
"/etc/hosts" in you linux everytime after you get an IP address from the
DHCP server. Because the samba will look the host mapping (IP and
host.domain) by default. And you are a DHCP client, so everytime you
boot up, it may get different IP address from your previous boot (and
you don't have a real host.domain in the LAN). So the samba couldn't
find the current map from linux or LAN. It will take long time to boot
in start samba.
    You can add a script to update the "/etc/hosts" in the boot
sequence. (Of course, before the samba start script) So the "/etc/hosts"
always contains the current host mapping information. Then the problem
will gone. :-)

Vincent Kuo

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