Strange MS Excel permission problem

Brett Bartick bartick at
Mon Jan 24 23:35:53 GMT 2000

I am currently using Samba 2.0.6 on a Sun box running Solaris 2.5.1. If
I create a file on my Unix filesystem like

	name       : data.txt
	permissions: rw-rw-r--
	owner      : John
	group      : developers

Assume my name is Brett and I'm in the developers group, if I go to my
NT 4.0 system and modify this file via the NOTEPAD application,
everything works fine,

But, if I use MS Excel and modify this file, the owner and permissions
on the file change to the person who has edited it. The behavior is
different from the NOTEPAD editing session whereby ownership or
permisions did not change. Any idea or clues as to why MS Excel is doing
this and how I might go about fixing it?


Brett Bartick

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