Installation error?

Chris Watt cnww at
Mon Jan 24 18:49:01 GMT 2000

At 05:34 AM 1/25/00 +1100, you wrote:

>lib/system c: In function 'sys_readdir':
>lib/system c: 350: warning: return from incompatible pointer type

Under normal circumstances this sort of message should only come up at
compile time, if this is happening at run time you have a serious problem.
If this is just a message from the compiler, don't worry about it. All it's
saying is that the function named "sys_readdir" is returning a value which
is a pointer (an address in memory) which is declared as being a pointer to
an object of type X (say an ASCII character) when it was originally
declared to return a pointer to an object of type Y (perhaps a single
byte). Almost invariably this is just because the programmer either was too
lazy to, or for some reason couldn't put a proper type cast into the code
for that function. Usually it is nothing to worry about because the two
object types are usually sufficiently compatible to allow the code to
function as intended (heck, otherwise Samba wouldn't run right?)
Generally compilers (e.g. gcc which you're probably using) will produce
"warning" messages which are intended to say "this isn't quite perfect" and
"error" messages which say "this is a problem". The message above appears
to be of the former type.

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