Pam_pwdb, uid=0

Happy Hacker hacker at
Mon Jan 24 16:42:11 GMT 2000

I have a problem I can't find information on anywhere.  It might be a linux 
related problem and not samba but I only see it in Samba.

I had a working linux box running samba for a classroom of kids.  35 
shared its drive and got their educational settings.  Its running in 
security=user mode.  The problem with it *WAS* 2.0.3 samba would 
build up too many processes and hang the linux box.  I had a new 
version of redhat (6.1) and loaded that from scratch, loaded Samba 
2.0.6 on top of its 2.0.5 as I heard that was good.

Now it runs *great* for a while but at random times for no apparent 
reason it logs an error saying PAM_pwdb authentication error, (uid=0).
Samba stops talking to that one computer until it reboots.  Other 
students do fine.  

This error is unmentioned from what I can find.  Anybody seen this 
before?  I am kind of desperate as the kids can't tolerate flakey 
computers and the only solution is to use NT if I can get this working 
and I hate giving Microsoft money for drive sharing.

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