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Mon Jan 24 12:29:49 GMT 2000

Hi Peter,
I have been running into a similar problem with NT clients attached to Advanced 
Server for Unix. (a commercial SMB Server implementation)  We still haven't 
nailed it down yet, but in our case seems to be related to addon packages that 
run as services and actually attach to the shares in question as a DIFFERENT 
user than the user that originally attached to the shares.  The problem APPEARS 
to correlate to when the real user comes in after some time and tries to use 
the share, and the session that is connected to the server is under the name of 
one of these 'services' users instead.  There is a set of 'granted permissions' 
kept in the tid  structure that seems to be adversely affected by this. I'll 
let you know if we find anything that might relate to samba as well...

Hope This Helps,
Don Mccall
Wtec NOS Support Team
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