Samba speed and connectivity problems

Andrei Boros andrix at
Mon Jan 24 10:30:59 GMT 2000

 I'm running Samba 2.0.3 on a Linux Slackware 3.4 machine. Compared to Win95
when it shares the same disks (vfat mounted in linux) it is slower, butnot that
much. However, when I try to use a live transfer like playing a MP3 or a MOV
reading it from the Samba server, I have a lot of interruptions in the playback,
although the read transfer rate is significantly larger that that required by
the playback. 
 I timed around 300KB/s at file transfer with file copy, read from server, but I
can't playback a 115KB/s MPEG file. 
 I've tried a few tweaks as explained in speed.txt but no improvement from this
point of view. 

 VFAT partitions are mounted with no additional options (like buffer sizes,


 Also, another odd problem is that sometimes, after the systems runs perfectly
for a few hours, from a Win95 station I get "computer or sharename not found"
when I try to access a shared resources. Locally, with smbclient, there is no
problem and from another linux box also with samba, I can access that machine.
Log file doesn't show anything when that error happened.

 And this happens randomly. 

 Killing the samba server and restarting it solves the problem.

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