AIX with Samba Printing

Daniel Sheppard daniels at
Mon Jan 24 02:01:22 GMT 2000

We're running Samba 2.0.6 on AIX 4.3.3
Whenever we try to print anything we get the following results in the log

[2000/01/24 12:55:03, 0] lib/smbrun.c:smbrun(128)
  smbrun: fork failed with error Resource temporarily unavailable
[2000/01/24 12:55:03, 3] printing/printing.c:print_file(118)
  Running the command `echo Printing time.txt-Notepad >> /tmp/print.log;
lpr -Psupport time.txt-Notepad; rm time.txt-Notepad' gave 11

We've been having a look at the code for fork, but we can't seem to make
sense of where it's falling over. Anybody have any ideas?

Daniel Sheppard
daniels at

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