2.0.6 and FreeBSD 3.3-RELEASE + socket options = 2.5MB/sec

Mike Squires mikes at sir-alan.chem.indiana.edu
Sat Jan 22 23:27:58 GMT 2000

I am running FreeBSD 3.3-RELEASE with samba 2.0.6 compiled from sources with
patches taken from 2.0.5a (not the current FreeBSD port, but I'll be testing
that soon with 3.4-RELEASE).

The socket options file is


which is due to Martin Welk.

Currently large files (1GB or greater)are transferring at up to 2.7MB/sec;
very small files, as expected, go much slower.  This is about the same as
NFS served from the same system, and almost 3 times faster than MARS_NWE.

The system is configured as a domain member, and authentication using
encrypted passwords works fine.

Hardware is dual PPro/200, Everex/FCT PO-6200 MB, 128MB, 4 Seagate ST410800WD
drives running off a Symbios controller, Intel Pro100B, 3Com 3000 8-port
100Mbit switch running at full duplex.  The disk subsystem clocks at about
5MB/sec max (disks are old wide differential).

Part of the problem appears to be that I started testing before the switch
had adjusted to the new system completely.  Earlier testing showed an error
rate just under the old .1% 10BASE2 limit; currently there are none.

Mike Squires

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