1.9.18p10: Incompete directory listing from WfW 3.11

Peter Koenig Peter.Koenig at stud.ch.tum.de
Sat Jan 22 19:27:41 GMT 2000


we're having quite a strange problem with our Linux samba (1.9.18p10)

when doing a directory list from a Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Client
all files an directories appear except <.> and <..>. While this is not a
serious problem when using ´dir´, some applications (e.g. Ami Pro 3.1)
seem to rely on these entries. In the file dialogues this particular
application does not allow access to the parent directory (remember
Windows 3.x - you didn't have those fancy trees and dropdown boxes

Some hints
-Everything works fine when accessing the directory listing of another
networked WfW Workstation. So we can rule out a fundamental error on the
WfW clients.
-This problem does not occur when accesing the samba-Server from Windows
NT 4.0 Wks 4.0SP0/4.0SP5.
-This problem did not occur in an earlier samba release we used. I can't
access the older version number right now.

Any hints, ideas or did somebody else experience a similar problem ?


PS: Yes, I do know, that this is quite a (pre-) stone-age configuration.

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