SAMBA WINS and Dynamic DNS

Steve Brazill yubby at
Fri Jan 21 22:39:17 GMT 2000

I'm sure that I'm not the first person to begin integrating SAMBA's WINS server abilities and the new BIND 8 'dynamic' DNS functionality.   I downloaded the sample copy of "dns_update" by Stephen Rothwell <sfr at> which provided a good starting point for creating the interface between Samba 2.0.6's WINS update notification and dynamic DNS updates.   I have hopefully expanded and improved on the usefullness of the update feature by 'fattening up' the script to take a lot more instances into account.  BUT, as I read thru my update log, I'm beginning to wonder how many different 
'types' of WINS updates can actually take place.   I've now taken into account the 'broadcast' ( entries that appear on 'GROUP' notifications and filtered them out,  but I'd like to know where I could get a complete list and 'order' of events that WINS reacts to and will forward update entries to my script for (i.e. for what circumstance does WINS output a 'delete' operation for a workstation '00' entry)...

P.S. Where should I forward and/or attach a copy of my "dns_update" script,  and is anyone interested in seeing how my 'local' private net is configured for DNS/WINS/DHCP ?
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