No file lock alert in Samba 2.x

Richard Stephens Jr {81462} rsj at
Fri Jan 21 16:03:11 GMT 2000


I manage several Samba servers, one running 1.9.18p6 (on a HP-UX 10.2
box) and serving NT 4.0 Workstation clients, the others run Samba 2.x
(2.0.3, 2.0.5a, 2.0.6) on various Solaris 2.6 boxes, serving Wincenter and
Metaframe clients.

When multiple users open the same file from their PCs (samba 1.9.18),
the second and successive users will get a "File Reservation" alert
popup in Windows stating "File xyz.xls is being modified by user.  Open
as Read-Only or choose Notify to be alerted when it is available".

However, anybody going through a Samba 2.x server receives no notification
whatsoever that the file they just opened is already in use.  It is not
until the second or later user goes to save the file that a notification
pops up and forces them to save the changes in a temporary file. 

What do I have to tweak in my Samba 2.x smb.conf files to allow for such
an alert message at the time of file opening?

Any parameters having to do with oplocks, share modes, or file locking
have NOT been specified in any of the smb.conf files.  In other words,
they are all at the default values.  Attempts to set such parameters
within the Samba 2.x smb.conf files to every possible combination have
proved fruitless in my attempt to get clients to display such an alert
prior to opening the file instead of during a file save.

I have also searched Samba documentation, man pages, mail-lists, etc.
for clues but alas have reached a dead end.

I must be missing something simple.  Please, somebody, what is it?!?  I
am starting to pull out what little hair I have left.

I will gladly provide pertinent portions of my smb.conf files to those
who wish them.  My posting is long enough already.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Rick Stephens
System Administrator

Rick Stephens
Richard A. Stephens, Jr.               System Administrator
Raytheon Electronic Systems            E-mail: rsj at

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