Can't get into share

Chris Moran cmoran at
Fri Jan 21 14:40:54 GMT 2000

It appears I have things set up. Linux (RH6.1) box is running samba and
I'm trying to access shares from my 98 box.
>From Network Neighborhood I can see the linux box listed with the other
LAN boxes. 
If I d-click to open the smb box, I DO get a folder with the share name in
explorer. Then, if I try to open that folder (share) it asks for a
password for resource \\MACHINE\SHARE
I enter my password for the linux box, but it says it's incorrect.
The share name is the same as my login name for both the linux box and the
98 box, though I don't have a password set up for the 98 box.
The security option is set to USER, yes to encrypt passwords.
What can I try to get past this hurdle.
Looking at "DIAGNOSING YOUR SAMBA SERVER" and trying 'net use x:
\\machine\share prompts for the passwrd with the same results.

If I 'smbclient -L machine I get ERRSRV - ERRbadpw
smbclient '\\BIGSERVER\TMP' also gives the same error
thanks for any ideas,

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