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Fri Jan 21 05:32:43 GMT 2000

Dear all:

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>    --> But, I found one problem in this version. All of the file sharing
> actions are OK. But if the windows 2000 client start to use the samba
> printer, it will appear one popup box "You must enter the password to use
> printer "" username:____, password:____". But the
> check had already passed when I used the file sharing. (I could access all
> the shared files.) And whatever I keyin the username and password, this
> message continue appear. It seems take no effect when I keyin the
> username/password.

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    After I capture all of the network packets, I found the reason why the
windows 2000 always popup the authentication box when I run any printing jog
or configuration.
    It's a Microsoft BUG, not the samba. The default printing method of
windows 2000 is IPP. It will send the IPP request while you print a print job
or configure the printer in the control panel. It doesn't care what the
current action/printer is.
    My problem is due to other engineer in my office ever configred an IPP
printer in the windows 2000. So if my Samba Server configured the same IP
address as the previous IPP printer, windows 2000 will appear the popup box.
Because I found that the windows 2000 always send ARP requests to the specific
IP. Now I solve the problem, just remove the unnecessary part in the windows
    If it took your time to investigate this problem. I am sorry. This is not
the Samba's problem. But if you met the same situation, you can check your
windows 2000's printer settings. Thanks.

Vincent Kuo

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